Knotweed Management Plan KMP
Knotweed Management Plan KMP
Japanese Knotweed Management Plans - KMP
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KMP - Knotweed Management Plan

For Morgage Lenders

To stand any chance of getting a mortgage on residential property infested with Japanese Knotweed you will need to have a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan. This consists of a full survey, risk assessment, method statement, and treatment schedule. Most mortgage lenders will need to see an ongoing herbiciidal treatment schedule over 5 years. Unfortunately, the process is not cheap but we believe we offer one of the most cost-effective services in London.

Japanese Knotweed and Mortgage Lenders
Residential Homes and Knotweed by the RICS

For Property Developers

In their code of practise, the Enviromental Agency state

'Once you find Japanese knotweed on a site, it is essential that you set up some form of Japanese Knotweed Management Plan (KMP).'

EA Knotweed Code of Practice

We advise developers to contact us as at the design stage of a development process. By appointing us as your Knotweed Clerk of Works, we can produce surveys and reports, risk assessments and method statements to ease the planning application process.

Our expert site supervision and specialist staff will mitigate all your duty of care and legal obligations. The Knotweed Management Plan should be handed to the new owners of the site. It may also prove invaluable as evidence in any future issues concerning the knotweed.

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