Giant Hogweed Removal
Giant Hogweed Removal
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Giant Hogweed - Identification, Treatment and Management

Giant hogweed, Heracleum mantegazzianum, is an invasive weed which can grow up to an astonishing 5metres in height with leaves the size of dinner plates Fully grown, it is easy to identify due to the unnatural, alien like appearance and unsettling dimensions. It has blotched purple stems with lots of bristles. It has white flowers in flat topped clusters, very similar to cow parsley. The flower heads can form a dome of more than 65cm across. It flowers once every two years. However, unlike most biennials which die after after producing seed, this plant can flower year after year. See our Giant Knotweed Photo Gallery.

PDFDownload the excellent Giant Hogweed Identification Guide produced by the RPS - It is the only field identification guide you will ever need.

The video below was produced by and features Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed - An Overview

  • Grows to over 3 metres
  • Leaves the size of dinner plates
  • Flowers once every two years
  • Sap can cause skin photosensitivity leading to blistering
  • Single plants can be dug out with ease
  • Multiple infestation responds well to herbicide treatment
  • The plant needs to be disposed off in a bio-secure manner

Serious Medical Warning

The sap from this plant contains chemicals which can cause the skin to become photosensitive. This means that when the skin is exposed to natural sunlight, it will burn, blister and undergo pigment changes and severe scarring. There is no cure and the effects could be long term. On no account handle this plant without wearing the proper protective gear..

How We Can Help

We have been dealing with Giant Hogweed infestations for a number of years on behalf of property developers, local councils such as Camden and the residential sector. We normally remove single plants by loosening the soil and digging out.

Multiple plants are usually dealt with by herbicidal spraying or by stem injection. The method chosen depends on the sensitivity of the surrounding environment. Please note that we are qualified in the lawful application of herbicides and carry a license to remove hazardous waste - a legal requirement for removing invasive species in a bio secure manner.

Give us a call for some free friendly help and advice. Have a look at our Giant Hogweed Photo Gallery for help with identification.

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Giant Hogweed Photographic Identification - Click to see a slide show

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