Dig & Dump - Japanese Knotweed
Dig & Dump - Japanese Knotweed
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Supervised Excavation - Removal of Japanese Knotweed - 50% Cost Saving

The Environment Agency have produced a Code of Practice for Japanese Knotweed and in it they recommend that Excavation or 'Dig and Dump' should be used as a last resort to treat Japanese Knotweed. This is because the environmental and cost implications of digging out knotweed and taking it to licensed landfill sites are staggering.

Even a small stand of Japanese Knotweed will have roots which go down to 3 metres and can spread out around the plant to a distance of 7 metres. This means that excavation of the plant involves digging out 20 tonnes of soil which has to be removed to landfill and them replaced with clean soil. At a conservative cost of £50 per tonne, it is easy to see how development costs can quickly become prohibitive. Typically off site disposal of even small infestations will cost around £10,000.

Essential Knotweed Reading

Guide to Japanese Knotweed for Developers produced by the Environment Agency
Japanese Knotweed Code of Practice produced by the Environment Agency
JK Guidance ID and Control produced by the Cornwall Knotweed Forum were JK is rife.

Watch this BBC video on the current state of Japanese Knotweed Removal Methods

Dig & Dump - The Facts

Unfortunately, on a city development project, space is often very restricted, meaning that alternative methods of removal cannot be used, such as onsite burial. Time is usually of the essence
which generally rules out long term herbicidal treatment

  • Dig and Dump is tremendously expensive
  • 100% effective
  • Complete eradication in very short time scales
  • The only choice when space is restricted
  • Onsite supervision by us will dramatically reduce costs
Dig & Dump - The Process

Our Japanese Knotweed Surveyor will produce a Management Plan incorporating a comprehensive Method Statement, schedule of works etc. The method statement may focus exclusively on ' Dig and Dump' but may also include a combination of removal techniques in order to reduce the cost of the operation.

We have found in the past that expert supervision of the process, can substantially reduce the volume of soil being removed to Landfill. Our expert supervision will identify the precise extent of the rhizome (root) system, reduce the volume of soil being removed, and can produce cost savings as much as 50%.

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