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Ivy - Control, Management and Removal

The Good News

Ivy, properly controlled and pruned, can make a sensational addition to any garden, enhancing tree, fences and buildings. It plays a very important role in conservation, providing a place for birds to nest, and a home for insects to thrive. Ivy can also provide insulation for your home. Ivy should be pruned back twice a year to keep it manageable.

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The Bad News

Left uncontrolled, Ivy can cause damage to building, especially around doors and windows. Generally, it doesn't damage brickwork, but it will exploit any weaknesses in the structure. Ivy does not usually damage trees, but a tree or it's branches, weakened from fungus or insect infection, may be a risk of falling due to the extra weight of the ivy. On rare occasions, ivy can choke tree growth.

How We can Help - Ivy Removal

Give us a call if you have an Ivy problem. You may just need it pruning back, or you may require complete removal. We are qualified in the lawful application of herbicides. We are also licensed waste carriers meaning that the plant will be disposed of in a bio secure way to spread further nuisance growth. On smaller projects we work from ladders or mobile platforms. With large removal jobs on buildings , scaffolding may need to be erected for health and safety reasons.

The main arteries should be cut close to were they emerge from the ground. Suitable herbicide should be applied to the cut areas to help kill the root system if complete is required. The herbicide can be brushed on, injected or a herbicidal plug can be used. Root systems can also be dug out. The ivy is then given an appropriate amount of time to weaken or die. This facilitates removal of the rest of the plant from the brickwork. Tendrils and suckers that remain attached to the wall can be carefully scraped away or removed with a stiff brush If it is necessary to completely remove the ivy, then follow up maintenance visits will be required.

Word of warning: Ivy is a survivor and a very persistent plant. It is resistant to herbicidal treatment and the root systems will go under brick walls. This makes the plant very difficult it remove completely and follow up visits are recommended.

Please note that the Wild Life and Country Side Act states that nesting birds cannot be disturbed. This means that ivy removal projects are put on hold until the nesting season is over.

We have many happy customers, and our able to supply a set of wow factor checkable references. Clients include Landlords, Housing associations, high profile property developers and local councils such as Camden.

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