Insurance Reports - Japanese Knotweed
Insurance Reports - Japanese Knotweed
London Japanese Knotweed - Insurance Reports
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Insurance Reports for Japanese Knotweed - Risk Assessment, Damage Evaluation and Liability Surveys

We have been producing aboricultural Mortgage and Insurance Reports for over 30 years and have considerable experience in producing Japanese Knotweed reports.

Residential Japanese Knotweed Info by the RICS - Essiential Reading

GardensOur Specialist surveyor has worked for all the major mortgage and insurance companies in the UK. Our customers absolutely love us and we can supply a list of checkable references on request.

Our Japanese Knotweed Insurance Reports detail the following

  • The likelihood of future damage
  • Measurements - height, spread, distance from property etc
  • Risk Assessments
  • Damage to buildings, drains and boundary walls
  • Damage to patios, paths and driveways
  • Inspection of root invasion into existing drains
  • Future management recommendations
  • Estimated costs of any remedial works
  • Schedule and extent of Teatment

These reports are frequently required by insurance companies for knotweed infestation on your own property and on neighbouring property.

From a legal standpoint, land owners have a duty of care to prevent Japanese Knotweed from spreading to adjacent land and becoming a nuisance. Where Japanese Knotweed originates from a neighbouring property, insurance companies are likely to pursue others for the costs of the damage caused.

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