Neighbour Disputes - Japanese Knotweed
Neighbour Disputes - Japanese Knotweed
Neighbour Disputes on Japanese Knotweed Encroaching Boundaries
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Neighbour Disputes on Japanese Knotweed - Resolution and Mediation

Japanese Knotweed has a root system that can spread out 7 metres in any direction. That creates a circle with a diameter of 14 metres. In a suburban environment, this is two or three times wider than the average small garden so root trespass across boundaries is inevitable.

Disputes between neighbours over who is responsible and who should pay for treatment and control can become a problem and lead to costly civil enforcement action through the courts.

Court JudgementsIf talking to your neighbour has not resolved the problem, then check out the website of your local council. Many council websites have masses of information on nuisance plants and they may have a complaint procedure that can be followed.

If the knotweed has severely impacted on your property, causing damage you should call your insurance company who will appoint a specialist knotweed surveyor, such as ourselves to produce a report.

How We Can Help

No matter what the problem, we are on hand to provide professional assistance. We have a thorough knowledge of Legal Judgements and general plant and tree law and have mediated in many neighbour disputes, acting as an Expert Witness when necessary.

We find that our involvement in this type of dispute often leads to a resolution before costly legal action becomes neccessary.

We have been providing professional invasive and nuisance plant and tree consulting services for more than 30 years and have many happy customers. Our well deserved reputation is built on providing our clients with first class customer service at very affordable prices.

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