Buddleia - Pruning and Removal
Buddleia - Pruning and Removal
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Buddleia - Control, Management and Removal

The Good News

Buddleia aka Buddleja is an interesting ornamental plant for the garden. It can grow up to 5 metres tall. It normally has bright purple flowers but there are varieties which have red, magenta, blue, orange, yellow and white flowers. Buddleia is an important plant as regards conservation. Many insects are attracted to it, including butterflies. Buddleia is also known colloquially as 'Butterfly Bush'.

Download the PDF Fact Sheet on Buddleia produced by Defra

The Bad News

Once buddleia leaves the garden it can become a highly invasive, difficult to control plant - considered a weed by many people. In the urban city landscape, it can be found growing on roof tops, into brick walls, on waste land, railway embankments and along the banks of rivers and streams.

if will flourish just about any where, out-competing most other plants, leading to a severe reduction in bio diversity on the site.

How We can Help

Give us a call Buddleia is causing you a problem. You may just need it pruning back, or you may require complete removal. We are qualified in the lawful application of herbicides. We are also licensed waste carriers meaning that the plant will be disposed of in a bio secure way to spread further nuisance growth.

Manual control: Part of the control process is cutting of the flower heads before they go to seed. Seedlings can be pulled out and larger plants can be dug out. Take care not to damage property when removing plants from brickwork

Disposal: T o prevent buddleia from spreading and becoming a nuisance elsewhere, the waste needs to be disposed of in a bio secure way. This may involve burning on site. Branches and roots should not be left on the ground as they will spring back into life. Seed heads should be double bagged. If the material cannot be burnt on site we will remove it to a suitable landfill site.

Chemical control: Herbicide control is an effective method of removal. For best results the herbicide should be injected or plugged directly into plants which have been pruned back to ground level.

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