Animal Grazing - Japanese Knotweed
Animal Grazing - Japanese Knotweed
Control of Japanese Knotweed by Animal Grazing
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Animal Grazing Control of Japanese Knotweed

Farmers and land owners will be pleased to learn that animal grazing can be used as a control method for Japanese Knotweed. Continual grazing will prevent the knotweed from spreading and becoming a nuisance. It is not a method of total eradication

Using Japanese Knotweed as animal fodder is common practice in Asia. Cows, donkeys, horses, sheep and goats will happily graze on Knotweed. It can also be used for human consumption and there are even recipes for it's use as food and even as medicine.

A BBC video on Japanese Knotweed explaining the state of current research

Continual grazing will ensure the supply of new shoots throughout the growing season.

Essential Knotweed Reading

Guide to Japanese Knotweed for Developers produced by the Environment Agency
Japanese Knotweed Code of Practice produced by the Environment Agency
JK Guidance ID and Control produced by the Cornwall Knotweed Forum were JK is rife.

if you need some help and advice on Japanese Knotweed infestations on your property, give us a call.

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