Psyllid Insects - Japanese Knotweed
Psyllid Insects - Japanese Knotweed
Biological Control of Japanese Knotweed - using Psyllid Sap Sucking Insects
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Psyllid Insects

Psyllid Insect Control of Japanese Knotweed

Scientists working for the non profit organisation, CABI, the Centre for Agricultural and Bioscience International, have identified a 2mm long psyllid insect, found in Japan, known as Aphalara itadori, that lays its eggs exclusively on Japanese Knotweed.

When the young hatch, the larvae guzzle away on the sap produced by the Japanese Knotweed plant. The grubs have a voracious appetite and put the knotweed under considerable stress - preventing it from spreading - or at least that is the hope.

Essential Knotweed Reading

Guide to Psyllid Insect Control of Japanese Knotweed produced by the CABI

A BBC video on Japanese Knotweed explaining current research into Psyllid Insect Control.

This method of biological control is not yet available as research is on going.

Small scale trials appear to have been successful and the bug has now been let loose on selected sites throughout England and Wales. The success of the project depends on the safe introduction of the alien bug into the UK's fragile eco system - a process potentially fraught with unknown dangers.

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