Mortgages - Japanese Knotweed
Mortgages - Japanese Knotweed
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Japanese Knotweed & Mortgages

The Problem

Banks and Building Societies will not risk a mortgage on property which has an untreated Japanese Knotweed infestation, There are also cases were mortgages were refused because Knotweed was detected on neighbouring land.

How We Can Help - FREE Mortgage Survey and FREE Report

If you have a London Postcode, we will can provide a FREE site inspection and produce a FREE report detailing neccessary treatment (usually herbicide stem injection) and a schedule of works. To qualify, you will need to sign up for a 5 year management plan.

In order to consider granting a mortgage, the bank or building society will need to see a report and that you have committed yourself to paying for a 5 year Knotweed Management Plan. If there is Knotweed on adjacent land, this will also need treating. if neccessary, we will have a chat with the neighbours on your behalf, explaining the serious nature of the problem. The price for a 5 year treatment plan starts at £400 per year.

Essential Knotweed Reading

Guide to Knotweed Residential Mortgages produced by the RICS
Japanese Knotweed Code of Practice produced by the Environment Agency
JK Guidance ID and Control produced by the Cornwall Knotweed Forum were JK is rife.

Watch this BBC video on the current state of Japanese Knotweed in the UK

Guarantee and Warranty

When you sign up for a 5 year Knotweed Management, we can guarantee that during those five years, any Japanese Knotweed infestations will be treated, with a 99% probability of eradication.

There are many companies offering 5, 10, and 25 year 100% Eradication Guarantees or Insurance Backed Guarantees. Beware, because of the highly invasive nature of Knotweed, nothing can be guaranteed. The companies that promise a 25 year 100% eradication guarantee, are actually selling your an expensive 25 year Insurance Policy on which they make commission - read more on the misleading state of Knotweed Guarantees within the industry.

Why Choose Us?
  • We have vast experience in the effective eradication of Japanese Knotweed while working for Local Councils such as Camden
  • Our team are all fully NPTC qualified on the lawful use of pesticides.
  • We are Licensed Waste Carriers which is a legal requirement for removing hazardous waste such as Japanese Knotweed and disposing in a bio secure manner at suitable landfill sites
  • We have a wow factor client list
  • Checkable list of references available from our many happy customers
  • Honest, down to earth advice

Give us a call for some friendly help and advice.

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