Environment Act - Japanese Knotweed
Environment Act - Japanese Knotweed
London Japanese Knotweed - Environment Act
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London Japanese Knotweed - Environment Act

The Environment Act is a piece of legislation designed to protect humans , animals and plants and to preserve our fragile eco system. The Act classifies Japanese Knotweed as 'controlled waste'. This applies to all parts of the plant and any soil contaminated by the plant.

Japanese Knotweed - Bad Ideas

  • Add Japanese Knotweed to your compost
  • Take it to recycling centres
  • Spread contaminated soil
  • Flail or try to dig up Japanese knotweed

Powers of Prosecution

Under the Enviroment Act there is a legal duty to remove and dispose of Japanese Knotweed correctly by a licensed waste control operator, such as ourselves. Any contaminated material must be taken to a Licensed Landfill Site (not your local recycling centre or council dump).

Failure to dispose of Japanese Knotweed properly can result in legal action being taken by the Environment Agency against both you and the contractor you hired. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Knotweed Contractor has a license to carry controlled waste issued by the Enviroment Department.

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