Knotweed Clerk of Works
Knotweed Clerk of Works
Construction Site Knotweed Clerk of Works
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Knotweed Clerk of Works on London Construction Sites

In it's Code of Practice the Environment Agency recommends that a qualified Japanese Knotweed Clerk of Works is appointed on construction sites. One of the primary roles of a clerk of works is to ensure site hygiene - stopping the spread of knotweed by accident or ignorance.

Construction and Design.Duties of a Clerk of Works include

  • Bio secure haulage routes
  • Correct visual identification
  • Chasing out of Knotweed rhizome
  • Driver education - hygiene, overfilling etc
  • Measures to rectify knotweed spilling
  • Excavator management
  • Suitable site clean-down on completion
  • Suitable cleaning of machinery
  • Management of other trades

As your clerk of works, we will monitor all excavation, making sure that strict bio security is maintained at all times. We will ensure that all legislation is adhered to (and there is a wealth of it). Finally we will make sure that all staff onsite are informed on identification and the issues surrounding Japanese Knotweed. We also organise Japanese Knotweed Toolbox Briefings for staff on construction sites We have been producing arboricultural reports and surveys for architects, property developers, land owners and local councils for over 30 years and have many, many delighted clients.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you think we may be able to help you.

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